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Who to Call

In Virginia, no one agency has been tasked with handling all problematic wildlife issues. Therefore, each locality in Virginia has a different process (if any at all) for helping residents. The Center’s efforts do not focus on individual case management because the agencies and the private businesses in the state are handling such situations. To identify services that may be in your area use one of the two links below to obtain the phone numbers to the animal control office, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries regional office, and private certified commercial nuisance control operators in your area. The certified commercial nuisance control operators are private businesses and therefore will likely charge a fee for services.


Select your locality for who to call for wildlife emergencies


Injured or Baby Wildlife

If you have found a baby or injured wild animal, visit The Wildlife Center of Virginia to learn if it needs help before you approach it.

If you determine that the wildlife does need help, call the nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist.


It is illegal in Virginia to have in possession any mammal or bird species even if you are trying to help it (§29.1-100). Wildlife have many special requirements for care that most of us can not adequately provide. If you want to help an injured, orphaned, or sick wild animal the best course of action is to contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist.