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Welcome to the Center for Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution's web site. This site is designed to help Virginia residents and municipal leaders identify potential sources of assistance when confronted with problematic wild animal concerns.

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Many of the links that make up this site are not based in Virginia. It is important to make sure that any suggested control recommendations are compatible with Virginia Law.

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Species- a list of wildlife species with a history of potential human-wildlife conflict that are common to Virginia. Select any species to learn about:

  • how to correctly identify the species,
  • the life history of the species.( i.e., what they eat, where they live),
  • the laws and regulations that protect or guide the management of that species in Virginia and across the nation,
  • the management options available to reduce conflicts with that species, and
  • potential transmissible diseases of concern to humans associated with that species.
Laws- a selected listing of state and federal laws relevant to wildlife in Virginia.

Resources- a comprehensive list of web links used in this web site.

Diseases- an overview of transmissible diseases of potential concern to humans from birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Management- a quick resource of management options for each problematic species.

Who to Call- a listing of agencies and private businesses in Virginia that can help with your problematic wild animal concerns.